Merch Research Extension: A Review

Merch Research Extension: A Review
The right Merch by Amazon research tool will help you find the right information in a fraction of the time. Merch research extension is a great free tool that performs various key functions to help you make more sales.
The right Merch by Amazon research tool will help you find the right information in a fraction of the time. Merch research extension is a great free tool that performs various key functions to help you make more sales.
Image of the free Merch Research Keyword Tool
Image of the free Merch Research Keyword Tool
The Heidorn Report: Merch Research & Strategy Guide

Success on Merch by Amazon is virtually impossible without good research. 

Luckily, there are several tools available today that will help you conduct stellar research.

Unfortunately, many of these tools require a monthly or yearly subscription.

For new sellers who are not ready to commit, that might not be an option just yet.

Free Merch by Amazon tools are the answer.

Merch Research extension is a great tool for Merch by Amazon tool that makes the research process faster and easier. 

Getting into Merch by Amazon is difficult and once you get accepted, its highly competitive.

You have to stand out from the rest and although climbing up through tiers can be challenging, breaking into the market is incredibly fullfiling and satisfying.

The presence of free Merch by Amazon tools is a great way to test the waters and be let out your creativity by doing so.

A lot of reviews from other sellers with such tools is also helpful for determining which tool fits your current needs.

This article will focus on Merch Research Extension and how it helps beginners in navigating through Merch by Amazon.

Merch Research Extension Key Features

To help you with your Print on Demand business, we have compiled the most useful aspects of using this tool.

The following are the core features and functionalities of merch research extension. 

Competitor Research

Merch research extension makes competitor research quick and easy.

Merch Research Extension: A Review 2

Simply highlight any word, keyword, or text and right-click on it.

You’ll then get the option to see all Merch by Amazon listings that are using that keyword.

Its essential to study the listings associated with that keyword as it will also give you a glimpse to the strategies of other sellers.

If you had found a niche that you want to solely focus on, you want to find out if that niche is already saturated or still fresh and trendy.

By studying the trends with that niche, you can also determine if it perfectly aligns with your business.

Striking the balance between a niche that you are passionate about and the most current trends is important.

Knowing which listings are ranking and which keywords are effective can act as a guide when you’re just starting out.

There are keywords that you can use to make your listings pop out among thousands of other competitors.

Choosing the right keywords is vital for making your listings clim up ranks.

Once you highlight a text, you’ll also be able to perform a copyright and trademark search on it.

Merch research extension uses the database for all its trademark searches. 

Once you make a search, you’ll be able to download your search and export the search results into a CSV file.

Keep in mind that being aware of Merch by Amazon policies regarding copyright and trademark violations is crucial.

Your account health can be at risk if Amazon determines that your listings are in violation of their trademark policies.

This is why it is important to check your listings first using the these features from the Merch research extension tool to lessen risks.

Profit and Royalty Calculator

Merch Research extension as a “Merch by Amazon Keyword Search Profit Royalty” feature.

This feature calculates royalty and profit that you would ideally make per shirt.

It will also show you the estimated number of sales based on their sales rank algorithm.

The profit and royalty calculator is useful for research and providing data for the most profitable designs.

This way, you can have an idea if the shirt can make sales and you can build your strategy along with this feature.

With features like this at your disposal it will make it easier for you to break into your desired target audience.

Using this tool, users will have the ability to download the titles and keywords being used by the top 100 selling merch shirts. 

This list will give you insight into which keywords are being used to rank highly so you can optimize your own listings.

The Heidorn Report: Merch Research & Strategy Guide

Users can use merch research extension to download the top 500 search results from a keyword search into a CSV file. 

Optimizing your listings with keywords is one of the strategies in creating a good product details.

In fact, optimizing the title of your product itself should involve witty keywords that a lot of people within that niche can relate too.

Apart from these features, users will also be able to perform other merch research functionalities and these include:

  • Show sales rank of different products
  • Ability to search for copycat titles.
  • Search and keyword and view all Merch by Amazon listings
  • Social media search
  • Search on other print on demand sites
  • Access to Merch by Amazon groups and forums
  • Search images on Merch by Amazon and on the web
  • Search through other keyword research sites
  • Highly customizable with the option of adding your own links

Benefits of A Merch Research Tool

Merch by Amazon is a great way to make passive income.

Its also one of the most sought after platforms of entrepreneurs seeking to establish their brand in such a promising platform.

It may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are completely new to the business but with it will gradually get easier with the help of these tools.

Tools such as the Merch Research Extension help in preparing sellers for venturing into Merch by Amazon.

There are a lot of sellers on the platform and many others will continue to join.

Whether you are getting started or you are a seasoned vet, merch research is what will continuously keep you ahead.

Merch research tools like Merch Research extension are a great way to perform this research.

It will show you which keywords are popular and are being used by the top sellers within the platform.

Using the right keywords places you at the top of searches, and it goes without saying that the higher you rank on the search pages, the more sales you make.

No research without action, no research without action.

Kurt Lewin

These tools will also help you avoid infringing on Merch by Amazon’s rules by helping you perform trademark searches on different words.

If you create designs with trademarked words, you run the risk of losing your account altogether. 

Merch research tools are great for showing you what your competitors are doing.

Apart from just showing you what keyword top sellers are using, you’ll be able to see what designs they are creating, what titles they use, and how they craft their descriptions.

Top-sellers are where they are for a reason, and learning from them is always an advantage.

The goal, however, is to seek inspiration and not directly copy from these top-sellers. 

Conducting merch research can be a tedious and time-consuming process. 

That’s why it is important to find the right tool to help you along the way.

In Conclusion

There are several free and paid Merch by Amazon tools that are available in the market, and Merch Research Extension is a viable option if you are looking into it.

It comes as a chrome extension allowing you to perform your research activities from the Amazon page.

Merch Research extension is compatible with all devices including; laptops, tablets, mobile phones, pcs.

This extension was created by Merch Informer, a top Merch by Amazon tool that has some amazing features that will help you succeed in your business.

If you have used this extension tool before, feel free to leave a comment on your experience and what features were your favorite.

The Heidorn Report: Merch Research & Strategy Guide
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