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June 2016 Monthly Income Report

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Monthly Income Report June 2016

I saw it coming and I already told you this in my previous monthly income reports. It was clear that this summer would be a good one, but June exceeded my expectations by far. Sales continued to climb and got an extra boost thanks to the EURO 2016. It was by far my best non-Christmas sales month in more than 2 years!

Furthermore, almost 3 years after I initially started my own t-shirt printing project (before I found out I had to move to Cape Town), I’ve actually made my first t-shirt sale via my GoCaptain Shop. I know it sounds like a joke and it kind of is, because I haven’t invested any time or money into it. But it’s so bewildering to see your first actual t-shirt sale come through and deliver it to your customer. Read all about it in my June income report!

Year-on-Year Performance

Based on my own sales tracking, June saw EU gross sales which were 25.1% higher than the previous month (9.5% down on the US marketplace) and about 48.4% higher the same period last year. I’ve already achieved more than 50% of last years earning, which may sound logical because we’re half way through the year. However, bearing in mind that Christmas delivers the most sales, it’s safe to say that unless something strange happens, 2016 should end with a sizeable increase compared to 2015.

GoCaptain’s 1st Sale!

I’m not sure I have ever really talked about this, but about 3 years ago I started working on my own label. I had designs created specifically for this brand, printed my own shirts and created my own marketing material. All of it was set up on a Shopify store and I was ready to push this project hard!

Then I found out that I was going to move to Cape Town for 2 years because my employer decided to send me on an expat assignment to South Africa. Obviously it was a great opportunity, which I gladly took and don’t regret a thing. I had the time of my life! However, it also meant I had to put the entire project on hold and it’s been sitting there ever since. And obivously so did all those t-shirts which I had printed.

Now almost 3 years later and with literally NO marketing and effort, I’ve made my first sale. Crazy but true. My very first delivery went to San Francisco, California. It’s funny, but the minute you make that first sale and you actually have to start packing the product and bringing it to the post office, it gives you a sudden burst of energy. Someone actually purchased your product!

Anyway, that being said, I still don’t really have the time to do any work on it right now. But it tells me that there’s an audience out there that wants to buy my products and that’s an extremely valuable insight!

Redbubble Remains Stable

My sales on Redbubble went back up again after last month’s slight slump. They’ve remained steady although they obviously haven’t really gone up all that much either. I’ll keep an eye on it and maybe at some point I’ll find the time to invest more time in it again.

Monthly T-Shirt Income Report

I’m looking forward to reading your questions and comments. If there’s any particular position that you would like to know more about, then let me know and I will try to clarify.

EUR USD Last Month
Spreadshirt Marketplace EU 3,474.46 3,901.47 3,184.21
Spreadshirt Marketplace US 272.38 305.85 707.65
Redbubble Commissions 80.70 90.62 69.82
Miscellaneous Hosting Services to 3rd Parties
GoCaptain Sales 39.89 44.79
Expense Positions EUR USD Last Month
Deutsche Post (Shipping Costs) 8.20 9.21
JetBrains PHP Storm (Monthly Software Subscription) 8.90 9.99 9.99
GitHub (Micro Personal Plan) 6.23 7.00 7.00
Laracasts (Monthly Subscription) 8.01 9.99 9.99
Google for Work (Monthly Subscription) 12.00 13.47 13.47
Google API Services (mostly translation)
HostGator (Web Hosting Services) 10.64 11.95 11.95
Shopify Basic Subscription (for www.gocaptain.com) 26.63 29.90 29.00
Namecheap (Domain Name Registration Fees)
The Noun Project (NounPro Subscription) 8.90 9.99 9.99
Dropscan (Mail Scanning Service) 8.72 9.79 8.78
Xing (Quarterly Subscription) 25.08 28.16
Tax Adviser (Quarterly Booking) 150.00 168.44
Net Operating Profit (excl. all taxes) 3,594.11 4,035.83 3,862.50
Tax Elements EUR USD Last Month
VAT on Income 660.15 741.28 605.00
VAT on Expenses 34.93 39.22 1.66
Net VAT to be paid to the Tax Man 625.22 702.06 603.34

*EUR/USD Exchange Rate for June 2016: 1.1229

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