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July 2016 Monthly Income Report

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Monthly Income Report July 2016

Well, it seems the big summer party is over now. Last month I reported how good sales had been going and you can clearly see the effect in this month’s payout (remember that your sales are always paid out 2-4 weeks after the actual sale). That is also why July has a higher net result than June.

Overall it’s been rather quiet and I continue to be pre-occupied with other topics, so I simply can’t seem to dedicate more time. It’s really unfortunate, but I guess there’s only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. I also haven’t managed to find a way yet to clone myself either 😉

How to Choose the Right T-Shirt Niche

That being said, what I have noticed is a staggering amount of traffic being driven to the site thanks to a specific article on how to choose the perfect niche for your t-shirt business. It’s strange because it’s a fairly short article really. I mean, there’s so much I could share on the topic, but I never got around to elaborating. But there’s clearly a strong interest for the topic and it makes me wonder wether it would make sense to create a separate course on how to identify the right niche for you. It’s something I’ll have to think about.

Year-on-Year Performance

Based on my own sales tracking, June saw EU gross sales which dropped by 43.9% higher versus the previous month (19.3% down on the US marketplace) and about 9.8% lower than the same period last year. The drop is fairly steep, particularly if you look at the monthly trend, but it’s absolutely normal. Sales always drop heavily after the June peak and usually continue their downward trend until October. Things don’t really get interesting again before Halloween comes around. The performance against the same month last year is a bit disappointing. I had hoped it would at least be on par, but it could easily be due to slightly less payout days in July 2016 than in 2015.

Redbubble Sales on the Rise

Last month was the very first time I received 2 payouts from Redbubble. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it seems like they adjusted their payout dates to the 14th, rather than always doing it on the 4th. The payouts went up by 19% versus the previous month and it seems that the trend is continuing. Redbubble recently started operations in continental Europe and perhaps that has boosted sales a bit.
Overall I am still not fully harnessing the potential of Redbubble as more than half of my designs still haven’t been uploaded for lack of spare time.

Monthly T-Shirt Income Report

I’m looking forward to reading your questions and comments. If there’s any particular position that you would like to know more about, then let me know and I will try to clarify.

EUR USD Last Month
Spreadshirt Marketplace EU 4,556.22 5,043.28 3,901.47
Spreadshirt Marketplace US 352.50 395.82 305.85
Redbubble Commissions 97.46 107.88 90.62
Miscellaneous Hosting Services to 3rd Parties 44.79
GoCaptain Sales 60.5 66.97
Expense Positions EUR USD Last Month
Deutsche Post (Shipping Costs) 9.21
Dropscan (Mail Scanning Service) 13.45 14.89 9.79
Facebook (Advertising) 60.10 66.52
GitHub (Micro Personal Plan) 6.23 7.00 7.00
Google API Services (mostly translation)
Google for Work (Monthly Subscription) 12.00 13.28 13.47
HostGator (Web Hosting Services) 10.64 11.95 11.95
JetBrains PHP Storm (Monthly Software Subscription) 8.90 9.85 9.99
Laracasts (Monthly Subscription) 8.01 9.00 9.00
Namecheap (Domain Name Registration Fees)
Noun Project (NounPro Subscription) 8.90 9.99 9.99
PureVPN (Annual Subscription) 40.03 44.95
Shopify Basic Subscription (for www.gocaptain.com) 25.83 29.00 29.90
Xing (Quarterly Subscription) 28.16
Tax Adviser (Quarterly Booking) 168.44
Net Operating Profit (excl. all taxes) 4,812.08 5,330.54 4,204.26
Tax Elements EUR USD Last Month
VAT on Income 877.18 970.95 741.28
VAT on Expenses 2.56 2.83 39.21
Net VAT to be paid to the Tax Man 874.62 968.12 702.07

*EUR/USD Exchange Rate for July 2016: 1.1069

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