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April 2016 Monthly Income Report

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Monthly Income Report April 2016

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot of articles recently and I actually missed out on sharing my income reports for the past few months. I’ve caught up on that now and if you’re curious to find out more on why that is, then I suggest you read through the last few reports. Or just skip that part and read this report. I do talk about some of the reasons for the lack of activity as of late.

Other than that, I can report that April was another great month and that sales are looking very promising. Once again, the odd payout cycle sort of masks this (read my March 2016 report for more details about this), but I can assure you, I’m seeing the boosted performance in my live numbers every day. I have a very good feeling about this year. Anyway, let’s get down to business!

Year-on-Year Performance

Based on my own sales tracking, March saw EU gross sales which were 10.1% higher than the previous month (only 1.8% on the US marketplace) and about 3.4% higher the same period last year. 2016 continues to outperform 2015 in all respects (except delayed payout) and that is good news. The US marketplace, as always, is proving to be a little volatile. So sales are sometimes up, sometimes down…overall I’ve never quite understood the dynamics on that side of the pond and sales have somewhat stagnated over the years. But then again, I also haven’t invested quite as much time and effort in that space, so that may also be part of the reason.

The Comeback

Just a few words on this topic. As you may recall from my December 2015 income report, I had worked through much of 2015 trying to get my Spreadshirt sales back on track and to generate some renewed growth. Needless to say that so far the performance looks rather promising. It will be interesting to see what I can report at the end of the year and whether this is sustainable or not. Bear in mind that I have not done anything on Spreadshirt since the beginning of January!

Summer Season & EURO 2016

We had a couple of very warm weeks recently and it has boosted spring sales a fair bit. It seems obvious but we actually do feel the uplift in sales when the weather changes for the better. People start thinking: “Hey, looks like it’s worth putting on a t-shirt again. But I only have these boring old ones. Time to go shopping!”. And then obviously there is the increasing amound of occasions, such as bachelor parties, which tend to happen in early summer because everyone wants to get married in summer.

What I’m particularly excited about is the EURO 2016. You see, the nice thing about the EU marketplace is the fact that every 2 years (either the World Cup or the Euros) this massive football event comes around and since Europeans are essentially ALL football fans, there’s a usually a crazy uplift in sales if you have fair amount of designs which cover that theme. And although the real fans are mostly male, in recent years the whole public viewing phenomenon has attracted a lot of women as well, who normally wouldn’t give a shit about football. And since they rarely consider buying actual jerseys, most of them end up buying some self-designed t-shirt on Spreadshirt or similar platforms. It’s actually quite insane. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the summer football season and curious to see how much additional revenue it can generate.

Redbubble Stable

My sales on Redbubble remained stable this month. I hadn’t done any additional work in a while so I’m not really surprised and rather happy to see it perform as well as it did. I will have to get back to uploading new designs again soon, particularly since it really doesn’t require a lot of effort from my side. I just need to get back into the groove and figure out my automated process again 😉

Things I’ve Been Doing Lately

I’ve been rather busy recently with a lot of different things. Not just that my summer looks like a freaking social stress nightmare with so many celebrations and weekends away, but I’ve also been working A LOT on some other stuff. You may have noticed some new expenses this month, which included PHP Storm from JetBrains and the Photo Studio Lighting System. The former is simply an amazing software which helps me a lot on the coding work that I do and the latter is meant to help us create better lighting for some of the photography we are doing for our side project. The side project is actually quite a massive one and that’s part of the reason I’ve been so inactive here in recent months. It’s geared towards the German market and has absolutely nothing to do with T-Shirts, so I guess there’s little value in it for you specifically, but maybe I’ll share it with all you anyway at some point.

Another thing that I had started a few months ago was the Spreadshirt design pricing test. I posted a whole much of new designs with essentially the same message, same keywording and everything (although slightly different designs) and gave them 3 different price points. A very low one (2.99€), a slightly increased one (5.99€) and a very high one (7.99€). I’m going to let this run for at least the full year before I pull any conclusions, but I just so you know, I wanted to find out whether it made any difference at all or whether you could actually see a trend in terms of what sort of pricing favours the highest overall income. I sometimes feel there is a common misconception or at least varying opinion as to what is more effective.

And lastly, I’ve been planning to do some work on various Spreadshirt-related Tutorials and Quick Guides. I had started on recently on how to set up your own shop on Spreadshirt within less than 10 minutes, but sort of got distracted by our side project which I mentioned earlier. I hope I can maybe get it done by the end of June and then share it with you guys.

Monthly T-Shirt Income Report

I’m looking forward to reading your questions and comments. If there’s any particular position that you would like to know more about, then let me know and I will try to clarify.

Income Positions EUR USD Last Month
Spreadshirt Marketplace EU 1,955.78 2,217.66 2,220.42
Spreadshirt Marketplace US 439.06 497.85 737.74
Redbubble Commissions 80.97 91.81 87.11
Miscellaneous Hosting Services to 3rd Parties
Expense Positions EUR USD Last Month
Photo Studio Lighting System (Tech/Electronics) 84.87 96.23
OutBank DE (Banking Software) 8.38
Divi Theme (Elegant Themes) 69.00
JetBrains PHP Storm (Monthly Software Subscription) 8.90 10.09
GitHub (Micro Personal Plan) 6.17 7.00 7.00
Laracasts (Monthly Subscription) 8.81 9.99 9.99
Google for Work (Monthly Subscription) 7.60 8.62
Google API Services (mostly translation)
HostGator (Web Hosting Services) 10.54 11.95 11.95
Shopify Basic Subscription (for www.gocaptain.com) 25.58 29.00 29.00
Namecheap (Domain Name Registration Fees) 97.80 110.89
The Noun Project (NounPro Subscription) 8.81 9.99 9.99
Dropscan (Mail Scanning Service) 6.22 7.05 10.01
Xing (Quarterly Subscription) 27.84
Tax Adviser (Quarterly Booking)
Net Operating Profit (excl. all taxes) 2,210.52 2,506.50 2,862.11
Tax Elements EUR USD Last Month
VAT on Income 371.60 421.36 421.88
VAT on Expenses 17.19 19.49 8.79
Net VAT to be paid to the Tax Man 354.41 401.87 413.09

*EUR/USD Exchange Rate for April 2016: 1.1339

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