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June 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report June 2017

Welcome to the month of June! And guess what…shit is about to get real around here 🙂 June was my last month at my normal day job which I started almost 8 years ago. I came straight from University and started working for one of the largest corporations in the world. I learned so much over these years, was given amazing opportunities and also paid good money. But now is the time to start a new chapter. A chapter that will be bumpy but also a lot of fun. From now on I’m flying solo and will be pursuing all sorts of opportunities in online marketing!
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May 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report May 2017

May was a little bit of a crazy month. I finally received the payout of my insane sale on the US marketplace. Someone purchased my design 115 times and the strange thing about it, was that it’s really just a blue circle. Believe it or not….someone paid $9.50 (just for the design) for a blue circle. How crazy is that? 😉
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April 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report April 2017

I am so massively behind on my income reports, so I’m just going to churn these out with very little commentary. But I do expect things to get much better from now on. April was a month that was dominated by lots of hard work on our big new project ThreadBasket. You’ll notice that my UpWork fees has shot up since March and that is partially due to that project, however not entirely. Check out the report and let met know if you have any questions.
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March 2017 Monthly Income Report

Monthly Income Report March 2017

March was an exciting month because I finally kicked off a number of projects, which required all sorts of prep work but also some heavy investments. Most of the projects are still in the research phase, but they are also eating up cash while I have people set up prototypes for me.

The most exciting project right now is probably ThreadBasket, which will eventually become a private marketplace for t-shirt designs. Promoters who do not have the time or the skills to design shirts, will able to purchase them on ThreadBasket at an affordable price, without having to deal with freelancers directly.
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